The only partnership program that connects you with a growing ecosystem powered by meme energy.

What is FrenChain?

We are a Layer 1, EVM, Memechain that utilizes Proof of Authority to secure and build a meme-forward environment.

With so many EVMs on the market, Frenchain differentiates itself by providing both original content and a fresh approach to community building. We know that the same old ‘copy-paste’ strategy won’t work. That’s why we’re providing something new.

Our core team is comprised of developers and leaders with dozens of years of combined experience in the crypto universe. Time in the industry has allowed us to identify the key points where most projects struggle.

We know exactly what it is like to build projects without support from core teams and without the necessary resources. Negligence and apathy towards new devs permeate the space. We’re here to change that.

We come from all angles of market: from being a holder, to developing a small project on a large chain, to developing a Layer 1. This big-picture minded view dominates how we approach solving problems and serving our builders and community.

This is why our central goal is to make sure our partners, builders, and community members get treated as frens. This means being available for all parties, listening to what they have to say, and assisting whenever and wherever possible.

When frens are put first, everybody wins.

What are we offering?

We are offering low cost bridging to our mainnet.

Whether your coin is an ERC20 or ERC721, you will be able to bring your community members over to FrenChain.

If you are a chain, we can open a mainnet to mainnet bridge to save users money on gas fees.

Why Join FrenChain?

More than just irons in the  fire.

Protocols, coins, DeFi, and NFTs are under active development, with massive releases coming soon.

Our DeFi farms will breathe new life into your coin, allowing for new financial experiences to entertain your community. Developers are encouraged to fork and integrate their own DeFi protocols, adding further value to all users. The possibilities are limitless.

Looking for development talent? Join FrenChain and we’ll introduce you to our cozy cohort of devs who’ll be happy to assist you!

With 50 developers already building, the talent pool grows every day.

Have a Huge Audience?

We are looking for big partners to join FrenChain.

We are reserving FREN tokens to be given out to communities that commit to bridging over to FrenChain.

Add additional use cases to your community by rewarding holders who bridge over to FrenChain and stake your native currency. This will allow them to earn FREN on our official native DEX.

This specific program is limited to a first come, first served basis, and you must have over 500 holders or a 5 million dollar market cap to qualify.